The Aught-Nots

Subway Ad, New York City, Two Thousand And Nine

Subway Ad, New York City, Two Thousand And Nine

We’re starting to hear about the “aughts” – that is, this decade we are about to bring to a close tonight.  It makes me think of like Charles Dickens, things I “ought” to do.  Or “ought” not to do or have done.  Wow.

I remember a vague debate back when we entered this decade about what we would call it.  You know, what it will say in those Time Life coffee table books summing up the decade or – hey, a new phenomenon since ‘99 – what the VH-1 “I Love the…” shows would term it.  Those shows are a little strange, by the way. We’re reminiscing too young!  Sure, the ’70s had Grease about the ’50s, the ’80s had Dirty Dancing about the ’60s, but we have stuff now about the ’80s and ’90’s?  And lots of it?  I heard somewhere that someone somewhere – maybe social scientists or a think tank – have documented that popular culture is reminiscing at a higher rate, getting nostalgic quicker about more recent times.  That is just weird!  It would be like listening to Gonna Be Starting Something  IRONICALLY when Michael Jackson had just put out Dangerous.  Or something.

Maybe I’m just getting older. Full moon this New Year’s Eve – the first one in 19 years.  Where were you 19 years ago?  I was seven.  Don’t remember what I did for New Year’s, probably didn’t get to stay up.  What could the full moon mean for people this evening?  Anyway, a tangent is oozing out of my blob – it’s about to go out immediately like slime through the vents of a slime infested building in a horror movie, out into cyberspace.  So exciting! – I mean my blog, if I had an editor, this would be neater.  (Shout out to the editors out there.)

I nominate the new decade moniker The Thousand Ands.  We never said “Class of Ought One!  Yes!”  We said “Class of Two Thousand And One!  Yaaaaa!”  I will miss saying it – the addition of “Twenty (Ten)” to the language is already weirding me out.  Just kidding.  Gotta move forward.

So what do you think??  The Aughts or the Thousand Ands.  It didn’t take us much time to say it during the decade itself.  (Peace, decade)

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One thought on “The Aught-Nots

  1. Okay so almost a month into the new decade (and what will we call this baby?) I think we could also go with the Ohs. As in “[Class of] Oh One!” For brevity’s sake.

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